CAST Profile
Management Group
Business Breakdown
CAST Industrial Footprint
Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology
Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering
Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering
Institute of Telecommunication and Navigation Satellites
Institute of Remote Sensing Satellite
Institute of Spacecraft Application System Engineering
China Aerospace Components Engineering Center
CAST-Xi'an Institute of Space Radio Technology
Beijing Institute of Control Engineering
Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity
Lanzhou Institute of Physics
Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information
Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute
Beijing Orient Institute of Measurement and Test
Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Beijing Spacecrafts Manufacturing Factory
Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd.
China Spacesat Co., Ltd.
DFH Satellite Co., Ltd.
Space Star Technology Co., Ltd.
Aerospace Dongfanghong development Ltd. Shenzhen
Space Biotechnology Group
Management Group

· LIN Yiming (President & CEO)
· Zhao Xiaojin (ESVP)
· XIA Gang (SVP)
· Zhang Duzhou (SVP)
· SHI Pingyan (SVP)
· GE Yujun (SVP)
· LI Xiangyang (SVP)
· LI Daming (SVP)

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