Vaccum Coating Equipment and Coating Products

>> Vacuum Coating Equipment

CAST, based on research results of coating technology and deposition control technology achieved by Science and Technology on Surface Engineering Laboratory, develops coating equipment with high work efficiency, easy operation, good repeatability and consistency based on evaporation, magnetron sputtering deposition, ion sputtering deposition and multi-arc sputtering deposition. The surface modification equipment and technology for aerospace, weaponry, electronic information and new materials fields have been applied in fields of laser anti-counterfeit, auto parts modification, solar energy industry, food fresh keeping and optical device.


Magnetron Sputtering Equipment

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Telescope Coating Equipment       Vaccum Winding Equipment

>> Coating Products

Coating products developed by CAST include the thermal control films,hard films, optical films, composite coating, laser surface etching, space mechanical moving parts coating, lubrication films. Mainly to provide heat control, sapce environment protection, mechanism lubrication, anti cold welding in space applications, with the extensive application of satellites and spacecrafts.


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