Satellite Comprehensive Appl Sys Int Field

blob.pngBased on typical products as satellite communication teleport, remote sensing ground receiving& processsing system and on comprehensive adaptations of the core technology from satellite remote sensing,satellite communication, satellite navigation,UAV,cloud computing,newtworking,CAST has formed a series of satellite comprehensive application system solutions which provide system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering transportation, system integrating, operating service, and training with the characteristics of industry and areas. Main products include smart city system, intelligent transportation system, electrical agricultural system, and national boarder & coast surveillance system.


Satellite Comprehensive Application System

Main Products:

● Smart city planning and design

● Smart pipe network

● Smart transportation

● Smart environment protection

● Industry Informationization

● National border and coastal surveillance system


Smart City Planning and Design


Smart Pipe Network

blob.pngIndustry Informationization for Forestry and Agriculture

Forestry informatization realizes forest resources research, fire target automatic recognition and orientation, monitoring of data communication transportation, emergency disaster monitoring and other related functions.

blob.pngAgriculture informatization offers services like monitoring and analyzing of drought, analyzing of crop growth, monitoring crop distribution, meteorological disaster and monitoring of plant diseases and insect pests on crops.

blob.pngNational Border and Coastal Surveillance System

National border and coastal surveillance system utilize technology of satellite communication, UAV, sensor etc. Fuse and analysis the base data by using video, image and radio wave, to realize the surveillance of national border, coast, and key area in omnibearing and all-weather, take more vigorous action against illegal immigration, smuggle and drug trafficking.

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